Associate Web Developer

New York, NY


This position will primarily be responsible for enhancements and defect fixes for in-development Django websites. Responsibilities will include updates to Django/Python views and models; updates to front-end CSS and JavaScript as well as Django templates. We work in a fast-paced, aggressive, and high-pressure environment so this team member must be self-driven and self-managed.


  • Develop and maintain high-quality Python/Django applications.
  • Provide technical details for outlining development efforts with aggressive and accurate estimates.
  • Implement the latest web technologies within the confines of the Python/Django architecture and in accordance with industry and in-house coding standards and specifications
  • Effectively communicate with a technical development team.
  • Work efficiently to accomplish assigned tasks within an appropriate and aggressively estimated turnaround time with a high level of quality.Document all new development and code changes for developers (technical documentation) as well as clients (functional documentation).


  • 4-year degree in Computer Science or Information Systems, or equivalent industry experience
  • Intermediate level knowledge of web development with recent focus on Python and the Django framework preferred, including:
    • Work within the Linux command shell:
      • Write and execute Linux shell scripts;
      • Manage environment variables and basic system configurations;
      • Locate and process system log files;
    • Python / Django:
      • Work within Django or a similar ORM framework, including the following tasks:
        • Creation and maintenance of data model;
        • High-performing views;
        • Template creation and maintenance; and
        • Standards-compliant output.
    • Ability to work within a PostgreSQL / SQL database environment:
      • Understand keys and indexing (when to implement or not, how to utilize efficiently, etc.).
      • Write and execute PostgreSQL queries (intermediate level, proper application of JOINs, etc.).
    • Intermediate knowledge of JavaScript, specifically jQuery (drag-and-drop, AJAX, etc.).
    • Intermediate knowledge of CSS:
      • Selectors
      • Cross-browser compatability.
      • Image sprites.
    • Previous experience with source control (preferably Git) including branching merging, and conflict resolution.
    • Advanced knowledge of HTML/CSS including HTML5, CSS3, SEO standards.

The ideal candidate has a strong ability to problem solve and manage multiple tasks in an acceptable, high quality, effective, and efficient manner.