Global Headquarters- NYC
Job Title: Receptionist (Sandow International Headquarters)  
Reports to: Operations Manager  
  Responsibilities   Results
1. Reception
A. Answer main phone lines and route the calls. All telephone calls for both the New York and Boca Raton offices are received on the main telephone numbers are answered in a friendly and helpful manner in accordance with procedures. Questions, if any, are answered, and calls are screen and routed to the proper person.
B. Provide visitor information to Security Receive visitor information in advance from Sandow staff and enter the names of visitors in the Rockefeller building engines site.  When visitors arrive provide secondary point of contact for building security to call in case the staff member receiving visitor is unavailable.  If staff member is unavailable to receive call for visitor, alert the staff member by call or email to let him/her know that his/her guest will be arriving.
C. Greet Visitors Greet all visitors and notify person with whom guest will be meeting.  Offer Starbucks, a place to hang a coat and a seat in the reception area.
D. Order meals for guests and meetings Order food when requested for meetings and for special guests and notify the appropriate person when the order arrives.  Maintain menus.
E. Maintain Reception Area Assure that the reception area is maintained in a neat and orderly fashion.  After meetings in the conference rooms either request assistance in cleaning from the operations staff or straighten up the conference room chairs and remove any items from tables.  Make sure magazine racks are stocked.
2. Schedule Common Rooms
A. Conference Rooms Maintain calendar for conference room booking.  Upon receiving request from staff, enter reservations onto conference room calendar (currently in Outlook).  If specific conference room is unavailable work with requesting staff member to find accommodation.  The entry into the calendar should include the event name (or Sandow division), the meeting “owner”, number of participants expected and any special requirements such as food, beverages or AV equipment. Each day send out email to person reserving the room to reconfirm reservation.
B. Video Studio Maintain calendar for Video Studio
C. Floating Offices/Cubicles Maintain list of available floating offices and cubicles.  Reserve the offices/cubicles.  Interface with party requesting use to provide any equipment or special requests.
3. Building Liaison
A. Arrange Security Passes for Staff Connect with building security office the Rockefeller Building Engines site to request building passes and enter the card number into the SANDOw security site database to provide access for the card to the 17th Floor. Additionally add group names and assist in easing entry through security for groups.  For VIP guests, make arrangements for them to enter the office as requested.   For events arrange with event organizer to enter in visitors’ names in the Rockefeller Building Engines site and receive building passes in advance.
B. Provide Assistance During Events Assist Sandow office during events by welcoming guests and checking guest lists and other assistance as requested.
4. Maintain Schedule for Massage & Manicure
A.  Schedule Manicure & Massage Send out notice weekly and maintain appointments for staff members for manicure and massage.  Assign a rooms for the masseuse & manicurist.
3. Provide Assistance
A. Provide Assistance to Office Manager and special projects for team members Provide assistance as requested including expense reports, ordering supplies, coding express mail invoices per instruction and provide any ad hoc assistance requested from SANDOW staff members.  Order bagels weekly and send out reminder on Tuesdays.
4. Operations Manuals  
A. Update/Improve Manuals Update and maintain manuals for front desk process and procedure as required and directed.
5. Train Temps
A.  Train temporary Reception Staff Assure than any temporary reception staff is aware of responsibilities, and is fully and completely trained on processes and procedures (including maintaining updated manual in case of emergencies).