News’s Conversation with Cindy Allen

Remember when magazines were folding left and right? Everyone thought it was the end of print. One magazine, Interior Design, a SANDOW Publication, not only survived but flourished.

SANDOW Releases Two New Design Publications

Rejoice, design enthusiasts! You now have two new tomes from SANDOW to pore over: a 465-page book featuring homes across the country and a book with some of the best examples of education, museum and theater design across the globe.

Sofía Vergara Speaks on Anti-Aging in NewBeauty

Sofía Vergara opened up to NewBeauty magazine’s Winter-Spring 2015 issue about the measures she would take to stay looking fresh and youthful, and cracked a few jokes in the process.

Interior Design Magazine Caps the Year With Industry Awards

Earlier this month, in Manhattan’s Frank Gehry-designed IAC Building, Interior Design magazine held its ninth-annual “Best of Year” awards—just a day after hosting more than 1,000 members of the design community for the 30th-annual Hall of Fame Awards.

BeautyDNA Delivers Customized Beauty Products to Your Door

When you’re not sure what you’re looking for, stepping into Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom or any place with a reputable beauty counter can be absolutely traumatizing. Should you opt for the same product you always have? Are you looking to switch it up?

SANDOW Maps the Terrain With High Technology

There’s an elegant slice of Silicon Valley in Boca Raton called SANDOW. It’s complete with an in-house gym, a mini-Starbucks, contemporary art on the walls, slick supergraphics, flat-screen TVs and blue-jeaned informality but with a cashmere twist.

Only A Radical Design Shift Can Fix Apple’s Bendy iPhone Problem

Andrew Dent, vice president of material research at Material ConneXion, says that smartphones which permanently bend under normal use very definitely suffer from a design flaw, one that Apple might have to change its whole design aesthetic to fix in the future.

Interior Design Announces Honorees, Celebrates 30th HoF

The honorees have been chosen for Interior Design magazine’s 30th-annual Hall of Fame (HoF)—a group deemed to enhance the lives of their clients, the community, the country and the design world, according to Interior Design Editor-in-Chief Cindy Allen.