THE BLUE ISSUE – Oceans of Possibility From the Editors of Worth

New York, NY (March 27, 2012) – In its April-May 2012 issue, Worth focuses on solutions to the world’s water challenges. In the Make section, the editors examine companies that are finding ways to solve water problems and make a profit; in Grow, Worth explores how the creation of financial markets for water can help solve shortages while providing investment opportunities; in Live, we look at some of the most progressive thinking from the nonprofit world. Feature stories include:
Water Works. Water shortages, aging infrastructure, pollution—the challenges faced by the world’s water supply are profound. That’s the bad news. Here’s the good news: These seven companies, ranging from tiny start-ups to Fortune 500 giants, are coming up with solutions.

10 Ways to Invest in Water. The market for water is nascent, but analysts who cover this increasingly valuable commodity say interest is growing and expect water to evolve into a widely traded equity over the next decade.

Global Marketplace: The Indian Ocean. Americans focus on the oceans that border our East and West Coasts. We rarely consider the importance of the world’s other great body of water, the Indian Ocean, a key connector for many emerging markets.

Top 10 Private Islands. If you’re in the market for tranquility, privacy and lots and lots of water, here are 10 private islands ready to host you.

Rescuing the Blue. Seven philanthropic organizations that are finding solutions for water crises.

10 Questions for Your Climate Change Consultant. Businesses around the globe are assessing how climate change will affect their futures. Here’s how to hire expert help to prepare your company.

Security: Bloody Waters. Pirates, vandals and thieves roam the oceans. Here’s how to avoid getting into hot water.

10 Questions for your Yacht Builder. A yacht can be one of the most exciting purchases you’ll ever make. Here’s how to make sure it’s also one of the best.

Also in this issue:

Street Smarts. In a feature Q&A, Worth chats with Robert Shiller, the noted Yale economist, about why Wall Street is good.

The Top Power Lunch Restaurants. Where’s the best place to talk business and eat well at the same time? Worth reports on 10 of the finest new business lunch spots in the country.

Q and A: Jason Pang. How much would you pay to watch The Hunger Games on opening night—in the comfort and privacy of your home? Jason Pang, the founder and CEO of a new company called Prima Cinema, is selling a set-top box that will allow users to stream movies the second they open in theaters.

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