Worth Leading Wealth Advisors Featured in June-July 2015 Issue

NEW YORK, June 20, 2015—Wealth advisors from some of the nation’s top firms (with combined assets under management totaling more than $100 billion) offer tips on a wide variety of relevant topics for high net worth individuals. From new insights on aggregation technology and its benefits, the impact a legislated fiduciary standard will have on your wealth advisor, to advice on how to amicably discuss inheritances with your loved ones, these expert opinions can be found in Worth’s Leading Wealth Advisors special section in the June/July issue of Worth, on newsstands now. Featured topics and essays include:


What precautions do I need to take to prevent water damage in my home?

Altair Advisers LLC

What advantages do closed-end funds offer for investors?

Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Partners

Social media: How much are you sharing?

Bank of the West Wealth Management

What are the main hurdles for the successful transition of a privately held family business?

What retirement-planning options will keep my family-owned business secure but still provide assets for a comfortable retirement?

Bingham, Osborn & Scarborough LLC

How much should I allocate to foreign stocks?

Brandon Brokerage Group, an Independent Agency of Transamerica Life Insurance Company

Are there specific advantages to U.S. life insurance for me as a noncitizen?

Bruce Gendelman Insurance Services

How should we insure art pieces displayed in several residences and loaned to museums?

Capital Wealth Management

Should election cycles influence my investment strategy?


How do you educate future generations about your family legacies and financial responsibility?

Celedinas Insurance Group

Is it necessary to secure workers compensation insurance for my domestic staff?


How do I prioritize my personal wealth plan during the sale of my business?

Fieldpoint Private

What is aggregation technology, and how can it help reduce risk?

Geller Family Office Services LLC

Why should investors care about the fiduciary standard?

Glowacki Group LLC

What am I missing in my planning?

Granite Group Advisors

Putting the client’s interest first: Can it be legislated?

Hallmark Capital Management, Inc.

What are the rules for my RMD requirements at age 70½?

Horton Private Client Group

Should you screen your insurance advisor as carefully as you screened your wealth advisor?

IFAM Capital

What strategies can help limit the impact of estate taxes?

Kayne Anderson Rudnick

Should I supplement my fixed-income portfolio with dividend-paying stocks?

Little McLeod Valentine Group at UBS Financial Services Inc.

How do I “take charge” of an inheritance?

LLBH Private Wealth Management LLC

What can a “virtual family office” do for off-shore investors?

Marsh Private Client Services

Has your personal insurance kept up with your personal risk?

MBAF | Certified Public Accountants and Advisors

What is the role of business valuation in succession planning?

Mogil Organization LLC

Why is employment practices liability insurance important for my business now, more than ever?

Momentous Insurance Brokerage

My child is going away to college and taking her horse—how can I ensure both are protected?

Neuberger Berman Wealth Management

What is the advantage of active management, given the uncertain times ahead?

During this long bull run, what, as an investor, should I be focusing on?

How do I match my portfolio allocation to my overall investment goals and risk tolerance?

New England Private Wealth Advisors LLC

What factors determine when a stock, like Apple, is added or removed from an index?

NFP P&C Private Client Group

What should I do to prepare for a hurricane?

Do I need “umbrella” insurance coverage, and if so, how much is enough?

Pioneer Financial at Northwestern Mutual – Park Avenue

How can I best navigate an increasingly complex investment world?

Private Risk Insurance Agency LLC

What are some valuables-coverage benefits that HNW carriers provide?

Richard P. Slaughter Associates Inc.

What role does Social Security play in your retirement planning?

Rodriquez Wealth Management at UBS Financial Services Inc.

Why should you talk about inheritance with your family?

Shantz Mention Group at UBS Private Wealth Management

It’s time to turn the page…what’s next?

Signature Estate & Investment Advisors LLC

The X’s and O’s of alternatives: Is my allocation playbook obsolete?

Sterling Investment Advisors Ltd.

How can I best prepare for the challenges that may come with “sudden wealth”?

Stonnington Group LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC

Is “buy and hold” still an effective investment strategy?

Strategic Financial Group, LLC

What are some creative ways of benefiting from irrevocable trusts?

The Haverford Trust Company

What is sentiment telling us about the current equity market?

Tocqueville Asset Management LP

Know thyself: What business are we really in?

Traust Sollus Wealth Management

What tax-smart investing steps should I consider in making my required minimum distribution (RMD) from my IRA?

UBS Financial Services Ins.

I’ve just received an inheritance. Now, what do I do?

Waldron Private Wealth

I’ve heard of “pre-transaction planning,” but what is “post-transaction planning”?

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