Worth Leading Wealth Advisors Featured in October/November 2015 Issue

NEW YORK, November 24, 2015—Wealth advisors from some of the nation’s top firms (with combined assets under management totaling more than $68 billion) offer tips on a wide variety of relevant topics for discerning, high net worth individuals. From new insights into the pros (and cons) of robo-advisors and the advantages of secondary market annuities, to best practices for charitable giving, these expert opinions can be found in Worth’s Leading Wealth Advisors special section in the October/November issue of Worth, on newsstands now. Featured topics and essays include:


How can I maximize safety when building a custom home?

Altair Advisers LLC

What do I need to consider when making end-of-year charitable gifts?

Bingham, Osborn & Scarborough LLC

Is the “much ado” being made about robo-advisors “nothing” or is it really “something”?

Bleakley Financial Group

How do I take the right steps toward a secure retirement?

Bruce Gendelman Insurance Services

How can I involve my entire family in our personal insurance plan?


The “Cadillac tax”: Are you prepared?

Celedinas Insurance Group

Are you “sharing” too much?

Cook Maran & Associates Inc.

Can I work with any insurance carrier to insure my high-value home?


Differentiated, dynamic, but not defined: What is the future of impact investing?

Drexel Morgan Capital Advisers

What role does a low-volatility equity approach play in your portfolio?

Fieldpoint Private

When it comes to investing, is a strong defense really the best offense?

G2 Insurance Services

How do I make certain my family and assets are fully protected in the event of a lawsuit?

Geller Family Office Services

Would investing with a secondary private equity manager be advantageous to my portfolio?

Glowacki Group LLC

Who is your “architect,” and why does that matter?

Granite Group Advisors

What is the conundrum faced by the Federal Reserve?

Hallmark Capital Management, Inc.

Will a Fed rate hike hurt the stock market?

The Haverford Trust Company

What should investors do when the bull market arrives?

Heffernan Insurance Brokers

If I participate in events like “Burning Man,” do I need special insurance?

IFAM Capital

Are growth strategies a threat, given the current domestic bull-market ride?

Kayne Anderson Rudnick

How active is the active management you’re paying for?

Little McLeod Valentine Group at UBS Financial Services Inc.

Are you protecting your identity offline?

LLBH Private Wealth Management LLC

How does “client experience” impact our technology investments?

Marsh Private Client Services

What is the right amount of excess liability protection?

MBAF | Certified Public Accountants and Advisors

Do you need to rethink your estate planning?

NEBCO Insurance Services, LLC

What are the leading considerations for insuring and managing my valuable collections?

New England Private Wealth Advisors LLC

Why may secondary market annuities be a unique addition to your portfolio?

NFP P&C Private Client Group

Do I need a contract for my construction project?

Pioneer Financial at Northwestern Mutual —­­­­­ Park Avenue

Is the multiple advisor model costing you?

Richard P. Slaughter and Associates Inc.

Are your company’s retirement plan fees shared equally?

Rodriquez Wealth Management at UBS Financial Services Inc.

How can you help secure your parents’ financial future?

Signature Estate & Investment Advisors LLC

Are robo-advisors the wave of the future for investors?

Sterling Investment Advisors Ltd.

How can I best prepare for the challenges that may come with “sudden wealth”?

Stonnington Group LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC

Is trying to “time the market” a viable investment strategy?

Strategic Financial Group, LLC

Why should I insist my advisors work less independently and more as a team?

Transamerica Life Insurance Company

Do you have the “smartphone” of the financial services industry?

Traust Sollus Wealth Management

What role should asset allocation play as I make my investment decisions?

Hudson River Partners at UBS Private Wealth Management

How can I do well at “doing good”?

Shantz Mantione Group at UBS Private Wealth Management

How do I make a living once my paychecks stop?

Waldron Private Wealth

Demystifying private placement life insurance: what are the pros and cons?


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