Year-End Advice from Leading Wealth Advisors on Charitable Giving, Drawdown Protection, Tax Planning, and More in Worth’s December/January 2016 Issue

NEW YORK, December 15, 2015 — Wealth advisors from some of the nation’s top firms (with combined assets under management totaling more than $68 billion) offer insight on a wide variety of relevant topics for America’s high net worth families. From election year tax planning, to maximizing charitable giving, these expert opinions can be found in the December/January issue of Worth and on Featured topics and essays include:

AIG Private Client Group

What are the best ways to protect high-value jewelry?

Altair Advisers LLC

Snowbirding 101: What should the affluent consider before relocating?

Bingham, Osborn & Scarborough LLC

Is all this market volatility normal?

Bleakley Financial Group

How essential is account-aggregation technology to a holistic financial plan?

Bruce Gendelman Insurance Services

What insurance coverages are essential for my business?


What challenges should I expect with managing multiple residences?

Celedinas Insurance Group

Are your assets fully protected?

Cook Maran & Associates Inc.

Why is a detailed, accurate insurance application so important for my protection?


What tax and estate planning opportunities should be considered as the 2016 election year looms?

Drexel Morgan Capital Advisers

What do I need to know about hedge funds and “drawdown protection”?

Hudson River Partners at UBS Private Wealth Management

Is there a financial formula for midsize-business owners?

Fieldpoint Private

What is “tactical” asset allocation, and why does it matter?

G2 Insurance Services

Should my risk management start and stop with insurance?

Geller Family Office Services LLC

Is my financial plan ready for the unexpected?

Glowacki Group LLC

How should you react during sudden market drops?

Granite Group Advisors

Are pensions a crisis in the making?

Hallmark Capital Management, Inc.

Do you have a digital estate plan?

Heffernan Insurance Brokers

How do I protect myself and my family from the rise in kidnap, ransom and extortion crimes?

IFAM Capital

Why is my financial advisor suddenly talking so much about South Dakota?

Kayne Anderson Rudnick

How does one predict the next recession?

Little McLeod Valentine Group at UBS Financial Services Inc.

Should your philanthropy be strategic?

LLBH Private Wealth Management LLC

ETFs: Are they too big to fail?

Loyola Asset Management

Could you imagine boarding a plan without a pilot?

Marsh Private Client Services

How do I appropriately protect my “passion investments”?

MBAF | Certified Public Accountants and Advisors

What can we expect in 2016 from the tax impacts of 2015?

NEBCO Insurance Services, LLC

What are the leading considerations for insuring and managing my valuable collections?

New England Private Wealth Advisors LLC

Why might preferred securities complement my existing investments?

NFP P&C Private Client Group

Drones and personal liability: What do I need to know?

Pioneer Financial at Northwestern Mutual – Park Avenue

What’s the best way to measure an advisor’s value?

Richard P. Slaughter Associates Inc.

What are the key areas to analyze before buying investment property?

Rodriquez Wealth Management at UBS Financial Services Inc.

How can you help parents’ financial future?

Shantz Mantione Group at UBS Private Wealth Management

How do I plan for longevity?

Siena Wealth Advisory Group

Why is the S&P® index a flawed metric of success?

Signature Estate & Investment Advisors LLC

Why might smart beta ETFs a “Goldilocks” investment?

Sterling Investment Advisors Ltd.

How can I use options to generate income in my portfolio?

Stonnington Group LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC

How does the sequence of returns impact the sustainability of my retirement portfolio over time?

Strategic Financial Group, LLC

Should I adopt a “buyer beware” approach to selecting an investment advisor?

Transamerica Life Insurance Company

What should I expect as a foreign national applying for U.S. life insurance?

Traust Sollus Wealth Management

Despite the experts advising, my financial life still feels disorganized. What am I missing?

Waldron Private Wealth

To defer or not to defer?


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